Vietnamese Cuisine & Vegan Buffet in Tampa, Florida

Try something different tonight and visit Trang Viet Cuisine in Tampa, Florida, for delicious Vietnamese cuisine. We offer a vegan buffet on the second Saturday of every month. Our Vietnamese restaurant provides several home-styled recipes.

Quality Vietnamese Cuisine
At Trang Viet Cuisine, we grow many of our own herbs and travel to the market daily for fresh meats, seafood, and vegetables. We also make our desserts fresh daily, and our knowledgeable staff provides answers to questions and menu recommendations.

Special Services
Choose from our large selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes and party trays serving more than 100 people. All of our Vietnamese cuisine is cooked with no MSG, we accept special requests, and hot chili peppers are added or removed as you prefer. We supply catering, and offer gift certificates. Make a reservation tonight and let us split your checks any way you need.

Sauce on Side, Vietnamese Cuisine, Vegan Buffet in Tampa, FL

Contact us in Tampa, Florida, and find something new with our Vietnamese cuisine and vegan buffet today.